SEBASTIAN BALLESTER graphic designer | multimedia artist


Below are some selected works from my freelance and personal portfolio.
This does not include anything from my professional career.

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Proudly born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I currently reside in FL with my beautiful girlfriend and our two cats working as an Art Director for a wonderful local company. Creating takes up most of my time. The rest is filled with Michigan sports, daydreaming, playing guitar and canoeing.

During high school and while attending the University of Tampa, I spent most of my free time drawing and building a fairly well-equipped audio recording studio in my mom's house for my friends and other local musicians to create music in. I not only taught myself how to build and operate the studio, which started as a 4-track tape recorder and quickly grew to a digital-audio, multi-track recording rig, I also learned to produce and record music.

Upon graduating with a BFA in Digital Arts, I took a job with a local company as a product photographer. Through hard work and consistently exceeding expectations, after only a few months I earned responsibility for creating all digital and print marketing materials. This responsibility includes planning, writing, creating and managing tri-weekly (or more) email blast campaigns to our audience of 100,000+ customers, as well as creating print advertising materials for multiple national magazines.

My additional responsibilities have grown to include sporadic video production projects, hiring and overseeing a new product photographer, building and administrating our company's Facebook page from a few hundred fans to over 50,000 (and growing fast), creating and maintaining the company's other social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, and overseeing our retail store's signage - among other things.

In addition to my full-time job, I try to diversify my portfolio with various freelance projects. Some of these include: graphic design and animation for a local film production company, video editing and production for folk musicians in Argentina, print and web design for the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Tampa Bay, portrait photography and more. Being flexible and varied in the multimedia services I offer is very important to me, so I try to stay current in all fields where I have training. Being a quick learner also helps me add new skills to my arsenal when needed - a challenge which I always welcome. I want to send a special 'thank you' to my family and friends - I wouldn't be here without you all. Extra love to all my nieces and nephews!

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